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Garage Door and Garage Opener Repair Service

Servicing Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Naples, Marco Island, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte

Some garage door ailments may include

  • Broken Springs
  • Worn Parts
  • Jammed Garage Doors
  • Door Off Track
  • Broken Motors and Operators
  • Defective Remote Controls
  • Bent and Cracked Panels

We fix or replace the components of your one piece garage door or your sectional garage door.  Our technicians service all brands of garage doors and garage door openers.  All Action Door and Gate technicians maintain a fully stocked service truck so we can complete each garage door repair quickly while using the highest quality parts.

We offer Same Day Service! Feel free to call our office 24/7!

For the D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) enthusiast, we have the largest retail garage door part store available with parts that work with all makes and models of garage doors at both the Fort Myers and Naples showroom locations. Our experienced team would be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right parts for your project.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Garage Door Won't Open

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“My garage door won’t open. What’s wrong with it?”

“Did you hear a loud bang? If so, go out to the garage and check the springs which are located above the door. Is one broken?”

“Will the door go up a little bit and then fall back down? If so, once again check for a broken spring.”

“If the spring is broken, the International Door Association recommends calling a professional to replace it. Although a DIY homeowner could tackle the job, very few people have the correct tools to adjust the spring correctly.”

“The door won’t open from the remote or the keypad. First check your wall consul in the garage.”

“If the wall button is working, there may be a lock button/switch on the side. If this button or switch got pressed/flipped, it will lock out everything but the wall button in the garage.”

“If the wall button is not working, you can check if there is power to the unit. If you are not comfortable, contact Action to check your operator for you.”

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Garage Door Won't Close

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“My garage door won’t close. What’s wrong with it?”

“Will it close if you hold down the wall console in the garage?”

“If you can close it by holding down the button on the wall console in the garage, the problem is with the safety sensors. These two small sensors located about 6” off the ground by the garage track must be in alignment and not be blocked. The sensors have a beam that must be unbroken. The beam prevents something or someone from getting crushed by the garage door. First, check to be sure nothing is in the way of the sensors. Clear all items that might block a sensor. Second, check to see that the sensors are in alignment. There are small lights on both sensors. Both should have a steady light. Make small adjustments to get the sensors back in alignment. Also, check that neither is getting hit by direct sunlight because this can cause sensors to act up. Lastly, make sure the sensors are clean. If none of these get the sensors working, it is time to replace them.”

“Does the door close and then open back up right away?”

“The limits may need to be adjusted. If the limits are off, the operator will think the door has hit something and will reverse in order to avoid crushing what is underneath.”

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Garage Door is Noisy

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“My door is really noisy.”

“Go in the garage and run the door up and down a couple of times to see if you can figure out where the actual noise is coming from.”

“Common causes of loud garage doors can be corrected with annual maintenance:

  • Loose nuts and bolt. Checking and tightening down all the bolts can reduce the noise levels.
  • While you are tightening the nuts and bolts, take a good look at the hinges themselves. Worn hinges will be noisier than newer ones.
  • Rollers. Check each of the rollers while the door is in motion. If the rollers appear to be good condition, spray some garage lubricant on them. If the rollers are worn, contact Action to come out and replace them. If the rollers are metal, we will replace them with nylon rollers that are generally quieter.
  • Check the operator mechanisms. Before you apply any type of lubricant check your owner’s manual. Using the wrong kind of lubricant can cause issues with the mechanics of your operator.”

“The International Door Association recommends that all garage doors have annual maintenance by a garage door professional at least once a year. Action’s RAM (Residential Annual Maintenance) plan addresses many of the issues before they become a major problem. The technician will perform all safety checks as well as inspecting and correcting maintenance issues.”

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Worn Springs

Many of us use the garage as the main entrance to our houses, so it is important to pay attention to the springs. They are the ones who lift that heavy door, so you don’t have to. When the spring breaks, the door does not open, so make sure you take care of your springs and pay attention when they get to the end of the life cycle. Most garage springs are rated for 10,000 cycles. Cycle = 1 open and 1 close. If you are in and out of your garage several times again, you can see where those cycles would be eaten up with in 7 to 10 years.

Things to look for:

  • They are under a lot of tension (wound tightly), which allows them to lift the door. The tension appears to be looser (the spring is stretched out)
  • The spring may have gaps starting to appear
  • The garage door panels appear to be lopsided
  • The garage door begins stopping while opening

If you notice one or more of these in the appearance of your springs, please call Action as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than trying to leave the house for work or an appointment and have your car stuck because the spring broke. Trust me, it always happens at the WORST possible moment.

To take care of your springs and extend their life the best thing to do is have annual maintenance on the springs. Heck while you are at it, have the other moving parts on your door serviced as well. Action offers a service we call “Residential Annual Maintenance (RAM)”. One of our technicians will come out and service all the moving parts on your door including the springs. They will check to be sure the door meets all the safety requirements, and it is functioning at its best.

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Broken Springs

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“I heard a loud pop and my door won’t open now. Or my door just dropped down for no apparently reason and now it won’t open. What’s wrong?”

“One or more of your springs broke.”

“If the spring breaks, there is only one solution – it has to be replaced. Although some DIYers will take on the project, without the right knowledge and tools, it can quickly become dangerous. We highly recommend contacting Action and allowing one of our experience technicians to change the springs. While they are there, they will service the rest of your door.”

**NOTE – Since most springs were installed at the same time, they are both experiencing the same wear and tear; therefore, when one goes, the other is shortly after. If one breaks, plan to change both of them to save yourself the same headache a month or two later.**

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Worn Parts

The garage door is the largest moving object on your house. There are lots of moving parts, and all of them need to be serviced regularly and replaced when worn.

Common parts on the door that wear out:

  • Springs – see the not about worn springs and broken springs
  • Hinges
  • Rollers
  • Rails can become bent
  • Door panels
  • Weather seal
  • Astragal (the rubber stuff at the bottom)

Common parts on the operator (motor) that wear out:

  • Gears
  • Boards (these have computers that control what is allowed to open the door remotely)
  • Drive Mechanisms
  • Safety sensors
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My Remote Won't Work

“We get calls all the time because the remote has stopped working. There are a couple of reason why remotes stop working. Before you decide it is the remote, check two things: key pad and garage wall button.”

  • If the key pad works, but the remote doesn’t, then it is an issue with the remote.
    • The battery needs changing
    • It lost its programming and needs to be reprogrammed. Follow the directions in your owner’s manual to reprogram it.
  • If the key pad is not working but the wall button is, then it is probably not your remote. It is most likely one of two things:
    • On most modern operators, there is a button or a switch on the wall button that is a lock out mechanism. If this is activated, it locks out everything, but the wall button. This is also known as the “vacation” feature. If this is pressed/switched, deactivate it and all of your remote features should work again.
    • If it is not the lock feature, then the operator has lost its programming. Follow the directions in your owner’s manual to reprogram.
    • If the reprogramming did not work, contact Action to have a technician come out and check your operator.
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Residential Annual Maintenance

The garage door is the LARGEST moving part on your house. It is also a large part of the facade on most homes, yet most people don’t think about the garage door and operator until it is malfunctioning“The International Door Association recommends that all garage doors have annual maintenance by a garage door professional at least once a year.” Action’s RAM (Residential Annual Maintenance) plan addresses many of the issues before they become a major problem. The technician will perform all safety checks as well as inspecting and correcting maintenance issues.

A RAM call includes:

  • Checking the reversing safety mechanism.
  • Checking the limits.
  • Checking and lubricating all moving parts on the door and the operator.

This short maintenance check and service will warn you of potential issues, and help your door and operator to function properly longer.

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My Door Came Off the Tracks

If your garage door comes off its tracks, STOP using it immediately. Using a door while off the tracks can damage the door beyond repair.

  • Disconnect the door from the operator by pulling the emergency release cord.
  • **Caution – Remember that your garage door is heavy**
  • If you want to attempt fixing it yourself you will need:
    • Locking pliers
    • Someone to help you, especially if it is a two car garage
    • Wooden mallet or hammer
    • Small piece of wood for buffer
  • Lift the door until you get a set of rollers gets close to the area where they separated from the track.
  • Using the locking pliers to lock the door in place by placing clamping them to the track just below the bottom of the door.
  • If the track didn’t open wide enough to push the rollers back through, use pliers to open the track wide enough to allow the rollers to slip back onto the track.
  • Guide the rollers back onto the track
  • Use the piece of wood as a buffer and gently hammer the track straight again
  • Repeat if the door jumped the tracks in more than one area.
  • Carefully remove the locking pliers and gently lower the door to the floor. DO NOT let the door drop as this could damage the panels on the door.
  • Run the operator. As it cycles through the operator mechanism should catch the door mechanism.
  • Cycle the door up and down a few times to make sure all of the rollers are staying in the track and not catching on the track in the areas where you adjusted the track.

If you experience any issues with getting your door back on track, please contact Action to schedule a service call.

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My Garage Door Panels are Bent or Damaged

In order to determine the best action in fixing or replacing a damaged panel, several things need to be considered: the cause of the damage, the severity of the damage and the material the door manufactured out of.

Any number of things can cause a garage door panel to bend or buckle.

  • Hitting the door with a car
  • Running the door while a roller has jumped the track
  • If the door is locked or has a broken spring, and the operator is run
  • Door was allowed to slam down

Slight bends or buckles may be repaired by adding additional struts to the damaged panel. This will reinforce the damaged area, but it may not repair the facade of the door.

More severe damage may need a replacement of a panel, or depending on the age and style of the door, it may require replacing the entire door.

Action works on all makes and models of garage doors. Contact us to set up a free estimate.

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Why is My Opener Beeping?

With the crazy weather in SW Florida, we encourage our customers to add a battery backup unit to their operators. The battery backup unit is designed to last 24 hours during which the opener can be run up to 20 times. If your opener is beeping, it depends on what you are doing or what is going on.

  • If you are programming your opener or remote devices, it will be to acknowledge that you have been successful.
  • Beeping every 2 seconds and the LED light is orange – means that the unit is operating under battery backup
    • If the house has lost power, wait until power is restored and make sure the unit returns to regular electrical usage.
    • If the house has not lost power or the beeping continues after the power has been restored, test the electrical outlet by plugging in a different device. Contact an licensed electrician if the outlet is bad.
  • Beeping every 30 seconds and the LED is flashing orange means the battery is low.
    • Test the electrical outlet by plugging in a different device. If the device operates on that outlet, the battery is not charging and needs to be replaced.
  • Beeping every 30 seconds and the LED light is red, the battery is dead and needs replacing.

The batteries installed in the battery backup units do not last forever. The estimated shelf life of the battery is about 3-5 years. The batteries are replaceable.

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