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Loading Dock Seals and Shelters Products and Installation Services

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Loading Dock Seals and Shelters 

Creating a safe and productive loading dock environment starts with quality equipment, expert installation, and a crew you can trust for service appointments, upgrades, and everything related to loading dock seals, loading dock shelters, and other loading dock accessories. At Action Automatic Door & Gate, we pride ourselves on the ability of our talented salespeople, technicians, and professionals to ensure you receive the best experience possible with us, no matter the size and scope of your project. 

We’re experts in loading dock equipment, and we work with the best manufacturers of today’s most advanced machinery. We know every bolt, screw, plate, and gate, and we’re excited to work with you on your project. We want to earn your trust as a customer and be the only company you contact when it’s time to improve your loading dock equipment. Let us install your new loading dock seals, upgrade your loading dock shelters, or offer our expertise in making your loading docks a more productive place.

Loading Dock Seals and Shelters Installation Services 

Your loading dock operators might see gaps form when a truck approaches the dock, and these gaps can prove dangerous, as well as a source of inefficiency when it comes to climate-controlled environments. One of the best options you have for lowering costs associated with climate control is installing a loading dock seal or shelter. Let us install one of our Serco dock seals, shelters, or inflatables, which will help you lower operational costs. 

We have a team ready to consult on your project, and we believe we can solve any operational difficulties you might have. Even if you think your loading docks are functioning well, we might be able to enhance them with updated equipment and valuable advice. Would a Serco S800 dock seal with adjustable head pad work best for your operation, or might you be better served by a Serco S3200 snap-back dock shelter? Let us figure out the best equipment for your operation. 

Loading Dock Seals

Our Loading Dock Seals 

We carry several distinct loading dock seals by Serco that are designed for various environments where loading docks are common. You’ll commonly see our loading dock seals on buildings as varied as cold storage structures, high-security facilities, and warehouse distribution centers. A loading dock seal will compress when a trailer meets the three-sided seal, which rests between the wall and the trailer when it reaches the dock. It’s possible to create an airtight seal with one of our dock seals.  

Any facility where airborne contaminants like dust can cause harm to products and any building where inclement weather can cause dangerous conditions (like slippery floors) inside work areas can benefit from one of our Serco loading dock seals. Our seals are generally designed to accommodate loading docks where trailers are usually around the same size and style with minor variations. After examining your loading dock environment, we’ll be able to make the best recommendation for your facility. 

  • Serco S2000 Ultra Seal w/ Head Curtain
  • Serco S600 Dock Seal w/ Fixed Head Pad
  • Serco S3000L L-Pad Dock Seal
  • Serco S800 Dock Seal w/ Adjustable Head Pad
  • Serco S700 Dock Seal w/ Head Curtain
  • Serco S3000HL L-Pad Dock Seal w/ Head Curtain
  • Serco S2500G Sliding Head Pad Dock Seal
  • Weatherall WSS Dock Seal
Serco S2000 Ultra Seal w/ Head Curtain
  • Serco R620 Mechanical Rail Shelter
  • Serco S2200 Ultra Shelter
  • Serco S3200 Snap-Back Dock Shelter
  • Serco S420 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

Loading Dock Shelters

Our Loading Dock Shelters 

Aloading dock shelter is another option beyond a loading dock seal, and we may recommend one of our Serco loading dock shelters as the best option for your loading dock. Our dock shelters create an enclosure along the top and sides of the trailer, protecting your building’s walls, trailer, employees, and any products moving in or out of the trailer. We carry four different Serco dock shelters, and we can recommend the right one for you. 

Our loading dock shelters are manufactured with various dock sizes in mind, and we can make sure your new dock shelter is the right size for your facility. One of our most versatile options is the Serco S2200 ultra shelter, designed to offer the benefits of both the dock shelter and the dock seal. This valuable loading dock shelter is covered by a five-year warranty, which protects your investment against rotting, warping, or cracking.

Dock Seal Options

Serco dry dock system keeps external moisture out of the loading dock area and no maintenance is required.

  •    Serco S900DD Dry Dock System
Serco S900DD Dry Dock System
Serco SI400 Inflatable Dock Shelter
  • Serco SI450 Inflatable Dock Shelter
  • Serco SI400 Inflatable Dock Shelter
  • Serco SI350 Inflatable Dock Seal
  • Serco SI310 Inflatable Rail Shelter
  • Serco SI300 Inflatable Dock Seal

Loading Dock Inflatables

Loading Dock Inflatables 

In addition to traditional loading dock shelters and seals, we also sell and install loading dock inflatables, which might be the answer to a delicate environment where climate control is of the utmost importance. Serco manufactures our inflatables, and we carry five models that offer distinct benefits like construction for rail loading dock applications and motors that feature automatic thermal overload reset protection. We’ll take the specifications of your loading dock and make an expert recommendation. 

In addition to benefits for rail loading docks, we also carry inflatable dock seals capable of handling trailer sizes of many different widths and heights and loading docks where hydraulic lifts are in use or where trailers commonly have extended tailgates. All of our inflatables are made with heavy-duty materials with options like three-sided and four-sided construction. Let us make an expert recommendation on which loading dock inflatable will offer your company the most value. 

We Can Help You Design Your New Loading Dock 

One of the services we’re most proud of is our loading dock design service. We can help you create a loading dock with superior functionality, low capital costs, and exceptional reliability. We can work directly with your architects to design an excellent loading dock that will function flawlessly for many years and bring your company true benefits in worker satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Let us bring your last-century loading dock into the present day with industry-leading loading dock products from trusted companies like Serco and APS. We have team members who can help you with your design plan for a gate and assist with remodeling existing structures. Further, we can assist with designing other facets of your operation beyond your loading docks. 

In January 2018, Action Automatic Door & Gate Company became a division of DuraServ Corp. We expanded our commercial operations to include everything to keep an efficient movement of your products and equipment in your warehouse or dock.

We design and install the right product into your dock facility to ensure it is completely sealed up tight for an efficient, low energy cost, protects products, processes, and increase profits.

Stop the air leakage and keep outdoor elements out, contact Action Door online or at these numbers:

Our service areas Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, Marco Island, Naples, Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Venice, and Sarasota, FL.

Trust Action Automatic Door & Gate for Your Loading Dock Equipment 

Throughout Florida, businesses that rely on their loading docks also rely on Action Automatic Door & Gate for design, service, and sales of essential equipment like loading dock shelters and seals. From Punta Gorda to Port Charlotte to Fort Myers, we’re the company you call when you want to start a loading dock project. Let us use our expertise to create the best loading dock environment for your company and earn your repeat business whenever you need loading dock service or equipment upgrades.

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