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By Running Alongside your Fence, Slide Gate operators optimize the space within your property. They Range from light weight to Heavy duty to accommodate a number of gate weights and frequencies of use.

Professional Installation by our Action Automatic Door and Gate Team with exceptional Design team planning is what your need to execute your project. Call today for a Request a Quote.

Med-Duty DC

LiftMaster Med-Duty DC

Has a 24V DC motor which is equal to 1/2 HP. This unit offers great starting torque and constant operation.

SL3000UL Commercial Grade

Elite Slide Gate System

Great for areas that encounter high levels of traffic such as gated communities and private residences.

LiftMaster SL585 Industrial Grade

LiftMaster SL585Industrial Grade

Ideal for heavy gates in both commercial and light industrial environments.

HS670 Heavy-Duty Hydraulic

LiftMaster HS670

Ideal for heavy gates in high cycle commercial and industrial environments.

LiftMaster SL930

LiftMaster SL930

This units starting torque is equal to a 2 1/4 HP AC motor. This unit also offers a soft start & soft stop operation which lesions wear on the various mechanical parts.

VSL595 Variable Speed Heavy-Duty

LiftMaster VSL595 CW

Ideal for high security environments where securing an opening quickly is essential. This unit is able to open gates at speed up to that of 2.2 ft per second.

SL595 Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade

LiftMaster VSL595 CW

Ideal for extreme industrial environments like that of manufacturing facilities and truck depots. This unit is able to support gates 90 ft in length weighing up to 2500 lbs.

SL585 Industrial Grade

LiftMaster SL575

Ideal for heavy gates in high cycle environments such as gated communities and manufacturing facilities.This unit is gear driven and very durable.

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